Thoughts from the Week…

I have some random observations from this week. The first is from dinner with a couple of the guys. The conversation was dominated by a discussion of hardening up our schools. All the officers at the dinner have young kids. After Sandy Hook, the dads are pretty focused on safety in the educational environment.

This week, we received training at Read Off on changes to photo pack procedures that have been “mandated” by the State Attorney’s Office. Not well received by the officers. It seems the Innocence Project, who fathered the changes, had police misconduct and potential witness misidentification as prime motivators– and did I mention police misconduct? The new blind administrator, sequential procedures caused a collective eye roll by the captive troops.

One of our cops went to a local gun/tactical store yesterday. He said they had a single AR-15 left on their normally stuffed racks.  And it was a 9mm sub gun…

A Million CCF Holders in Florida, as of this week. I’m glad to see so many citizens exercising their Second Amendment Rights by way of our respectful state laws. We had officers out just an hour ago with a driver who declared he was carrying a firearm under his CCF license. The encounter went smoothly. My fingers are crossed that this will be the norm and not the exception.


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