Another Vote for the Ruger LCP

I was minding my own business at my desk the other day, when I overheard one of our twenty-year veteran sergeants say this to an officer:  “I have lots of guns…Glocks, 1911’s…but off-duty I carry that little LCP. It fits in my pocket and I know that everywhere I go, I’m always armed.”  He went on to add that he carries it in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster.

Another vote for the Ruger LCP goes out from one of our seasoned SWAT guys who also pocket carries.  His rides in an Uncle Mike’s product.

Both of these guys are state-certified law enforcement firearms instructors and long time officers.  Say what you will about the .380 ACP as a defensive cartridge, but firearms that chamber it are off-duty favorites of guys who carry guns every day at work.


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  1. jnc36rcpd says:

    Two of my colleagues, both very knowledgable about firearms, swear by their LCP’s. I actually recommended a small female officer purchase a Bodyguard380 as an off-duty weapon. Better the .380 she will actually carry than a .40 SIG 239 left at home.

    I may break down and purchase either a Bodyguard or anLCP.

    • Randall says:


      I definitely agree that the firearm left behind is no help in an emergency. I pretty much alternate between my Bodyguard 380 and Smith & Wesson 642 for back-up and for off-duty carry. With either gun, I’m am always armed.


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