High Noon Holsters Side Effect Review

High Noon Holsters is a West Central Florida maker of custom cowhide and horsehide gun holsters.  I saw the High Noon Holsters Side Effect hanging on a rack in the LGS.  I needed a good concealed carry holster for my Glock 27, so I sprung for it.

As a bit of background, about ten years ago I met High Noon’s owner Justin.  He was making his holsters out of the garage of his Florida home at that time.  He was a super nice guy who had worked for one of the larger holster companies.  Justin decided to go off on his own to produce holsters of his design and manufacture.  He stresses high quality and customer service.

My holster need was for a belt carry holster with a thumb strap.  The Side Effect is molded to the individual type of gun.  It has an open muzzle design with a tension screw at the trigger guard.  My Side Effect is in black unlined cowhide, though horsehide and lining are options.  Available finishes are in tan, black, and natural.

The Side Effect can be ordered in right or left handed and is intended for belt carry on the dominant side from 3 to 5 o’clock.  The single wide belt loop carries the gun at a 15 degree forward cant.  All the stitching I have seen on High Noon Holsters is even and heavy duty.

To retain the gun, a reinforced thumbsnap breaks open the very tight fitting leather hood.  The snap’s back is covered to prevent it from damaging the pistol’s slide.

High Noon sews a slick sight track in the forward part of the holster to guide and protect gun’s front sight.  The track is a molded synthetic that is made exclusively for High Noon Holsters.  This is an addition I really like for guarding my Meprolight front.

The High Noon Side Effect is a very sturdily built holster for secure carry.  A custom holster like this gives you confidence that your weapon will continue to be your weapon, no matter the struggle.

I like that this is a minimalist concealed carry piece that keeps the gun close to the body, but has the least amount of material necessary to do the job.  The Side Effect is one of High Noon’s made to order items, though surprisingly I found it in a local gun shop.  The price for an unlined cowhide Side Effect is $149.00.

Holsters made by High Noon are serious concealed carry holsters, not just ones for range day.  They have received many positive reviews from professionals such as Dave Spaulding, Massad Ayoob, Sheriff Jim Wilson, Walt Rauch, and Gary Paul Johnston.

High Noon Holsters has stocked items and non-stocked items for sale.  A check of their website has their availability for a full line of holsters and also some interesting product information.  They construct a top quality holster not just Made in USA, but Made in Florida.


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