News Misinterprets Suspect, Streetwise Readers Split Sides


(Hint, there was no canis familiaris–Randall)

I almost tumbled off my sectional when I read this journalistic misfire on a television station’s news website.  Apparently, something has gone horribly wrong in the Mainstream Media.

Cooper then ran from the scene to a nearby church, where the pastor found him hiding in a bathroom, deputies said.

Cooper was taken into custody without further incident.

Deputies said Cooper, who smelled of alcohol and marijuana, asked who was chasing him and said “you slow as [expletive].”

Cooper then said he wasn’t driving the car, according to the report. “My dog was driving that car,” he reportedly said. “I ran ‘cause I wanted to. You ain’t gonna find no drugs or guns on me.”

I regularly groan at misspellings, poor grammar, and nonsensical headlines in the paper, but, seriously, writing an article about a supposed four-legged accomplice when the bad guy clearly meant “his dawg,” y’all?  Too funny.

Come on, even Cooper would have a laugh at the amateurishness of this article.



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Giggles courtesy of Bay News 9


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