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Chicago PD Murder Charges

I have watched Chicago PD’s officer-involved shooting video from October 2014.  A few things come to mind about the totality of the circumstances.  Officers are responding to a commercial burglary call where a suspect was detained by a citizen, but is now on foot in the urban area.  The suspect is armed with a knife.  He is now evading police on the street. The suspect sprinted through a fast food restaurant parking lot, stabbed the front tire of a police car, and damaged the windshield of another.  If you forward to 4:53 in the video time (not the PD time stamp), you get to the perspective of a cruiser entering … Continue reading

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Orange Deputy Beats Mickey

Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Keith Rogers was a hit in the Magic Kingdom.  From OCSO’s Facebook page: Deputy Rogers is a celebrity in the eyes of this Tewksbury, MA. youngster! His mom Jennie Ann (who is also a police officer) writes:  “A big thank you to this Deputy for taking the time to sign an autograph for my 6-year-old son Shayne at Disney’s Hollywood Studio. Who needs Mickey’s autograph when you can have an OCSO Deputy’s?”  We couldn’t agree more! Thank you Jennie Ann for sending this to us.  We love to hear from our citizens and visitors. Take that, Mouse! Randall  

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Blue Lives Matter Billboards

Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Lamar Advertising Company has donated 302 digital billboards with a Blue Lives Matter graphic and #thankublu Instagram link to promote support for law enforcement.  Conceived by Memphis branding agency Tactical Magic, the billboards first appeared in that city, but Lamar has expanded their exposure nationwide. Tactical Magic creative director Trace Hallowell said a citizen approached him about honoring those who serve in local law enforcement.  The original Tactical Magic billboards, which went up in June showed support for the Memphis PD.

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Active Shooter Survival Tips

There was an absolutely tragic Active Shooter incident at Umpqua Community College in Oregon today.  Reports at this time say that at least 10 have been murdered and 7 wounded in the on-campus attack.  The shooter is apparently dead. I have a daughter in college and I do not know if she has ever received training for such an occurrence at her school.  I decided to send her an email containing some tips for surviving an active shooter event.  Most of the information below comes from the Department of Homeland Security.  It is meant as a guide and is not a guarantee of an positive outcome. As police officers, we … Continue reading

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9/11 Back-Up Gun

This is NYPD Ofc. Walter Weaver’s Smith & Wesson model 640 back-up firearm that was uncovered in the rubble of the World Trade Center after the 9/11 terror attacks.  Ofc. Weaver was last seen on the sixth floor of the North Tower on that day helping survivors. The NRA Museums’ Facebook page displayed this photo montage today.  Ofc. Weaver’s service and sacrifice are not forgotten. Randall

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9/11 Today

I attended a 9/11 remembrance at our City Hall today.  The Police/Fire honor guard looked sharp.  Some dignitaries spoke and one of our chaplains led an appropriate prayer.  The moment of silence was the most emotional time of the ceremony.  Reflected in others’ faces was the sadness of lives lost, respect for those who served and gave all, and patriotic pride for a country that came together during tragedy.  God bless America. Randall

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Arby’s Employee Refuses to a Serve Officer

How would you feel if you were refused service at a restaurant solely because of how you looked? Apparently Sgt. Jennifer Martin of the Pembroke Pines Police Department knows the feeling.  An employee at an Arby’s declined to serve the uniformed officer. Although the store manager provided her the food, he laughed about it and said his worker could decline to serve her.  Sgt. Martin asked for a refund.  Arby’s corporate issued an apology.  Dade County PBA called for a chain boycott and the employees’ termination. Pembroke Pines Chief Dan Giustino said, “I am offended and appalled that an individual within our community would treat a police officer in such a … Continue reading

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Viral Photo Sends the Right Message

This photo appeared yesterday on the Facebook page of the Trinity, TX Police Department.  Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens are throwing a little solidarity.  It was featured on Fox and Friends and has since been shared all around the Internet.  As a profession, we are experiencing some tough times.  We need to stand together, stay safe, and get the job done each day. Randall

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Hydrapak’s Durable First Wave Tactical Reservoir

I hate hydration bladders.  There I’ve said it.  You know you do, too.  Not that they aren’t a great way to haul around water when tucked inside a useful shoulder-mounted system.  It’s just that they are fragile, difficult to fill, and such a pain in the ass to properly clean and dry.  Who wants a mouth full of germy algae?  But I think you are going to really like the Hydrapak First Wave Tactical Reservoir. Time and again, I’ve watched water pouring down a SWAT guy’s back and legs after something punctured his hydration bladder.  Yeah, in training it is comical, but on a live call-out, it is serious.  Other … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day.  My wife and I gave thanks at dinner tonight for all the servicemen and women who have given their lives for our freedom.  We hope we are honoring them with the way in which we live each day.  “Thank you” cannot not adequately convey our gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice. Randall

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Miami Beach PD Cracks Down on Messaging

Following a scandal involving 16 sworn officers over racist and sexist emails sent on city accounts, the Miami Beach Police Department has issued new policy requiring the recipients of any inappropriate emails, text messages, or social media postings to immediately report the communications to Internal Affairs. Although a policy had been in place punishing the senders who distribute such banned content, the new directive is aimed at receivers who do not comply and notify IA.  The scale of the original violations of policy and professional conduct apparently resulted in the zero tolerance stance. Former Maj. Angel Vazquez and former Capt. Alex Carulo were responsible for sending over 200 inflammatory emails … Continue reading

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Swab-its Creates News Website

Super Brush LLC manufactures the Swab-its® brand foam products, which are superior, lint-free swabs and applicators specifically tailored for precision gun cleaning.  I wrote about them here.  Swab-its now has its own website devoted to firearms articles, gun safety, shooting tips, and other useful information at Among the engaging articles in the inaugural edition are “Carry Concealed Tips” by gunwriter Jorge Amselle, “Succeeding with the Fundamentals” by shooting instructors Michelle and Chris Cerino, “Knife Sharpening” by outdoorsman Tom Claycomb III, and “To Magnify or Not to Magnify” by writer Sal Palma. Mosey on over and check it out.  You might find an article about the history of Smith & … Continue reading

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Police and Modern Communication

Aaron over at just wrote about the changing perception of police officers in the last half century.  It is a nice read and made me think about how law enforcement influences its own public image.  Of late, it seems as if the mainstream media has focused on current uses of force and devoted much less airtime to the good work cops do every minute of every day in our communities. In recent years, law enforcement agencies have gravitated to other strategies for positive public outreach.  Take the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, for example.  They employ five public information officers, two of whom focus specifically on their department’s Facebook page … Continue reading

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QALO Thin Blue Line Ring Series

QALO Rings, about which I have previously written, has a new line of wedding rings that honor police officers and firefighters.  The Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line rings allow you to show commitment to your profession while protecting the hands that hold your spouses tight.  Yes, they make them for both men and women. QALO, pronounced Kay-Lo, will donate 20% of the proceeds from the sales of these rings to care for the families of fallen officers through the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.  A similar fund will distribute the 20% to families of fallen firefighters through the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and Firefighter Wife.  Says QALO: … Continue reading

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Wives Behind the Badge–Florida Auxiliary

Wives Behind the Badge is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in California in 2008.   They provide resources and emotional support to law enforcement families and serve as a positive voice for law enforcement in the community.  Florida has recently opened a chapter of WBTB. A sample of Wives Behind the Badge programs includes: Online support forums for LEO wives. Families Behind the Badge:  designed to extend the same support offered the main Wives Behind the Badge forums to family members of law enforcement officers.  All family members are welcome – parent, grandparents, siblings, cousins, etc. HALOS:   (Helping Aid Lost Officers’ Survivors) offers sympathy and support in the event of a … Continue reading

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